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Erdogan's Speeches
Foreigners Only Want Muslims’ Money, Turkish Prez Says
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  • Pete

    This Turk is as loony as the blacks who accuse the ancient Greeks from ‘stealing’ mathematics from them.

    Both groups are devoid of significant achievements and try to glam onto anything so as to calm their inferiority complexes.

    • Anthony

      Your view lacks both historical perspective and hides behind a dollop…

  • Corlyss

    it’s not as if they didn’t get anything for their $$$$. Oh wait . . . I forgot . . . You can’t reason with a paranoid’s “logic”.

  • FriendlyGoat

    Erdogan, a Muslim, leading a country which is 98% Muslim, does not seem to understand that the only thing working for Turkey was its national tendency (for a while in the past) to try to behave as if it had forgotten Islam. BUT, he is reliably dragging them back into the swamp.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Aren’t most Islamic countries dirt poor unless they stole (nationalized) the oil industry the west developed? Even the Turks arguably the best positioned Islamic country are much poorer than the sickest nation in the EU Greece with a per capita income of $23,600 compared to Turkey’s $15,300 for a 50% greater income. Erdogan is delusional to think the west wants muslim’s money, didn’t America have complete control of Iraq for a decade when it could easily have confiscated all the oil to pay for the war?

  • gabrielsyme

    If only Britain & France hadn’t decided to pull Ottoman Turkey’s nuts from the fire in the Crimean War. The Ottoman Empire might have collapsed earlier, all of continental Europe might have been liberated, including Constantinople, and much of Eastern Anatolia as well. Perhaps the Turks wouldn’t have gotten around to their various pogroms and genocides launched against the Armenians, the Greeks, the Bulgarians, the Assyrians and, to a lesser extent, the Kurds; or at least, some of those targeted would have already been liberated from Turkish rule.

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