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Turbines Kill Birds
What Big Wind Doesn’t Want You To Know
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  • Josephbleau

    Mike check! We cannot crucify our fellow creatures upon a cross of Green! No green power to the people! It is criminal to charge your iPad upon the carcass of tweety bird!

  • FriendlyGoat

    Thank you for not being remiss by failing to note that skyscrapers and cats kill far more birds annually than wind farms.

  • Boritz

    “bird and eagle”
    That’s reminiscent of the recycling signs at work that talk about “metal and aluminum.” What if cats lay in wait for birds on top of skyscrapers? That would be the essence of synergy. Unless it was an eagle. I’m not up on cat/eagle kill stats. I know that cats frequently survive falls from high rises so the skyscraper/cat kill ratio is not as high as you might think.

  • andycanuck

    Eagles (and condors) are endangered; sparrows and pigeons etc. aren’t.

    • bff426

      Would that it were so.

  • aed939

    If the hiding of objective data prevents irreparable harm, the industry deserves the harm because they would otherwise benefit from the concealing of the data.

  • dude1394

    I really do not like those ugly wind farms. Yuck.

  • DirtyJobsGuy

    in the regular power plant world if you have a dead bird on site (excluding pigeons, sparrows etc) you have to log it and keep the carcass to be picked up by the state. If you have excessive bird kills you could be fined or forced to take remedial action. It’s clear that “green” energy is getting a pass on lots of these regulations.

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