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The Costs of Enabling Al Sharpton
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  • wigwag

    The guy who taught Sharpton all his tricks was Jesse Jackson who made a career out of doing exactly the same thing.

  • michaelj68

    If the Tawana Brawley hoax and burning down of Freddie’s Fashion Mart both resulting in death did not bring down Sharpton I doubt some tax problems will do the trick. Although Capone was sent to jail on tax evasion. If you want to know the moral depravity of the Left just look at MSNBC which Shaprton, a plagirist in Michael Barnacle, and Steve Rattner who did a plea deal on bribery charges including paying a seven figure fine and handing in his license to do investments.

  • Anthony

    Wow! Al Sharpton cui bono has it all been? Now, NYT and TAI give copy to Federal Informant and puzzles at enabling (only in America).

  • jeburke

    Al Sharpton’s “rise,” as the Times called it, would not have been possible without the craven embrace of big Al by Democratic politicians beginning with Mario Cuomo and David Dinkins in NY who presumably fretted about Sharpton’s ability to stir up “street action” about this or that issue. The irony is that through the 90s and much of the 2000s, he had precious little ability to do anything of the kind. His “National Action Network” was never able to turn out more than 100 or so assorted professional demonstrators, 125th street cranks, and hangers on from leff-wing sects. Like the reverend in “Bonfire of the Vanities,” however, Al was able to hoodwink first local reporters, then national media into believing that he represented something. In fact, what he did in high profile controversies like the Howard Beach killing or the Abner Louima case was to get himself on TV which further deepened the media perception that he was a leader of something. In short, a clever self-promotion artist. Now that he has a TV show of his own, of course, he’s home free.

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