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Revisionists Unite
China and Russia Strengthen Military Ties
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  • Anthony

    Hmmm, geopolitics continues to be based on the verities of geography. Russia and China understand importance of Eurasian rimland (geopolitics “is the struggle for space and power played out in a geographical setting). Russia and China are obviously focused on changing trading configurations impacting spans of navigable southern rimland with concomitant effects for North and Central Asia – geographical areas contiguous to their 21st century commercial visions (an evolving strategic geography scenario).

  • FriendlyGoat

    They presumably are more worried about “Western ideas” than “U.S. power”, because their strategists certainly know that America is already both unwilling and unable to carry on conventional military operations against Russia or China and radical Islam at the same time, much less all three of them at once. (Nukes, of course, are out of the question of being anything America can actually use except in a retaliatory launch against a first-strike nuke launch from their side.)

    It’s hard to not see this alliance as being mostly about Putin and Xi feeling ostracized and wanting to comfort each other.

    • Josephbleau

      The Future Belongs To Me.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    What this military cooperation telegraphs to me, is what Russia and China fear the most, namely an American organized economic and military alliance across Asia from India in the west to Japan in the east and south to Australia including nearly every country in between. Such an Alliance would have a Population of more than 2.350 Billion, and a combined GDP of over $34 Trillion compared to a combined Russia China population of 1.5 billion, and a combined GDP of $11.5 Trillion. Such an alliance would contain the high tech nations of Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Australia, and America, the much higher quality and battle tested American weapon systems, as well as the superior training, organization, and experience of the American military which has spent over a decade at war. This is what they fear the most, and their reaching out to each other despite their hatred of each other is proof of this fact.

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