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Obama in Asia
Beware Writing Off a “Lame Duck”
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  • Anthony

    “The U.S. worries about an increasingly assertive China, while China suspects the U.S. of pursuing a policy of encirclement and containment. Clearly, the China-U.S. relationship is not a new model of relations and interactions between a rising power and the established power. Rather it shows all the classic manifestations of the rising power/established power historical dynamics….”

    Yet, U.S. and China hold more than 90 institutionalized bilateral interactions annually. Reality as well as foreign policy and America’s vital interests (in region) may warrant a rethink vis-a-vis future trajectory of the East Asian order (as existing order established during Cold War may no longer be applicable to new reality).

    • Corlyss

      As I recall the Cold War gave us Kissenger’s overture to China and the normalization of relations with China. If Doofus isn’t going there to sell out our allies in the region by reassuring China we will not oppose their moves to expand their military sphere throughout the traditionally open seas and routes in the region, why wouldn’t we continue as we did in the Cold War?

      • f1b0nacc1

        Are you so sure that he won’t?

      • Anthony

        Nixon and Kissinger definitely initiated normalization with China in 1972 but that is not crux of my point. Cold War is theoretically over (and its ideological antipathy and military confrontation lags behind new reality) and my comment is recognizing adjustments in foreign policy relative to East Asia in 21st century may be requisite.

  • Fat_Man

    Obama has two more years left. Let’s see how much more damage he can do.

    • Corlyss

      I suggest prayer.

      • Fat_Man

        Clearly God has abandoned us to our own devices.

  • Corlyss

    Lame-duckiness is NOT Obama’s most relevant circumstances. Those are his conviction that he knows everything and therefore he learns nothing, combined with his inability to undertake ANYTHING, any policy, without doing more damage to long term national interests.

  • Robert Sendler

    Maybe if he didn’t bow to the Chinese president they’d be able to take the clown seriously. The world knows that the Affirmative Action hire is an empty suited clown.

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