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  • johngbarker

    Thanks for an early Christmas present. I am excited about the continued development of this fount of intellectual and spiritual insight.

  • dawnsblood

    So I see there are places to get each individual writer but I had a bookmark that just brought me ‘The Feed’ and I liked it. That bookmark now drops me on the front page. I know that ‘Via Meadia’ runs along the left side of that page but is there a new ‘landing page’ for just ‘Via Meadia’ or do we have to suffer through that front page now?

  • Pete

    You’re way ahead of the curve with this website.

  • ljgude

    I agree that you are an opinion journal in the American tradition, but as a New Yorker who began reading the NY Times in 1956 and the Tribune for balance I have long missed a serious voice that is obviously coming from New York, the center of the Eastern Intellectual Establishment, and moderately conservative to boot. I cringe every time I encounter any of the organs of the liberal left coming out of New York precisely because they have become the unchanging voice of a tired establishment. I began t realize just how tired when Bill Roggio, founder of The Long War Journal, managed to find an undergraduate at Princeton studying in the same department as General Petraeus was doing graduate work and send him to Iraq where he was greeted warmly by Petraeus in the midst of the surge and given extraordinary access and several interviews. I realized just how badly the MSM was asleep and profoundly uninterested in what Petraeus was doing in Iraq. Roggio who was ex military working in computers in NJ who just happened to have the right combination of talents to integrate many sources of news including Pentagon news releases (still the 5 o’clock follies to the MSM) and create a coherent stream of war news. A modest accomplishment compared to what AI has done, but successful because the field is wide open for new publications vitally interested in current affairs. The recent podcast on the importance of Kobani went well beyond what I could learn from the usual sources because AI took the trouble to find Henri Barkey who is clearly a serious observer who can give us a balanced understanding of the situation rather than an obviously ideological bit of infotainment. Well done from Perth western Australia, and thanks.

  • Anthony

    “Serious public debate about important political and cultural matters…the tradition has never been static.” Thus in keeping with times (collaborating print and web), the American Interest Online (kudos to Damir Marusic) updates reflect comparably to high quality competitors. And subscription costs are definitely competitive for quality offered.

  • Peter Burman

    Job well done! Keep it up!

  • DiogenesDespairs

    Following this site just keeps getting better and better. : D

  • Andrew Allison

    Nice job, but it would be even better if there were a link to “recent posts” rather than just Next and Previous. Failing that, maybe replicate the Next and Previous links at the top of the page (so that one doesn’t have to scroll to the bottom to move on, or back).

    • Damir Marusic

      Making that navigation better is a priority. We will probably put little small arrows at the top for quick navigation. I’m not sure if I follow re: “recent posts”, though. Maybe “older”/”newer”?

      • Andrew Allison

        The index page lists summaries of the most recent half-dozen posts, which is what I was requesting, but needs the newer/older. Actually reading a post leaves one with just previous/next. A return to the index page link would do the trick. Regards, Andrew
        p.s. has no comment facility

        • Damir Marusic

          Whoops, someone’s hand slipped there. It should now.

  • Michael Kaplan

    It would help if you could state what a “porous paywall” means. What parts of the site will be behind the paywall and which can be freely accessed? Will all Via Meadia posts be available for free access? In the early days of TAI Online the print journal contents were behind the paywall while VM and the other web columnists were free.

    • Damir Marusic

      It’s sort of like that:
      VM stays free, along with three free feature-length pieces of your choosing per month. Monthly rate is $2.99 for online access.

      • Michael Kaplan

        In the subscriber section, can you bring back the pdf versions of the print articles? They were very helpful.

        • Damir Marusic

          That’s in the works.

      • Mark1971

        How do the three free articles get counted? If I click on a link to an article and bookmark it for later does it count against my total again when I go back to read it?

        • Damir Marusic

          No, we remember which articles you’ve viewed and they stay unlocked for the duration of the 30 days.

  • Nevis07

    Congratulations to WRM and the rest of the American Interest staff. I’ve found AI to be one of the best sources of information and news and your format certainly is one of the best. I’d be more than happy to subscribe, however please make it available through itunes newstand, I prefer to keep my subscriptions as consolidated as possible and don’t want to have to go through Amazon.

    • Damir Marusic

      We don’t yet have an iPad app to make it available through newsstand. And indeed, going through Amazon (Kindle) would not give you access to the website. If you would like to subscribe, you should click here to subscribe directly through us.

      We are constantly on the lookout for making things easier for our readers, so if Apple at some point opens their iTunes system for generic payment processing, we will be sure to add that.

  • lukelea

    I predict a fall off in traffic. Would rather pay fifty cents for every article I read.

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