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Russia vs. the West
The McDonalds Peace Theory Lives On?

The McDonalds peace theory holds that no two countries prosperous enough to be under the golden arches will ever go to war. In what may be a possible fillip of hope for this theory, Russia has closed the famous McDonalds on Pushkin Square, along with at least three other locations. The Pushkin Square restaurant was big news when it opened, as a symbol of new Soviet openness to Western ways and money.

Russian officials cited health and safety reasons for closing it and the other locations, but more is likely going on:

Food inspectors “have been instruments of Russian foreign policy for years,” said Stephen Sestanovich, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. He cited earlier bans on Moldovan wine and U.S. chicken […]

In closing the McDonald’s on Pushkin Square in the heart of its capital, Russia appeared to be demonstrating its readiness to do without Western goods as it refuses to back down from its drive to retain influence in Ukraine.

So maybe we could amend the theory this way: if two countries with a McDonalds do go to war, one of the countries will get rid of the fast food chain.

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  • El Gringo

    Russian government closes McDonalds owned by Russian franchisees, staffed by Russian employees, supplied by Russian farmers, and patronized by Russian customers. That should teach the decadent West a thing or two.

    • FriendlyGoat

      I hear Putin’s approval numbers slip, slip, slipping—-even from here.

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