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The Oldest Hatred
Paris Mob Attacks Synagogue

A protest in Paris against the Israeli incursion into Gaza turned into an ugly episode of anti-Semitism when marchers attacked a synagogue on Sunday. The protestors trapped hundreds inside, threatening to kill them, until the congregants were rescued by a police unit. The Guardian reports:

As the demonstration broke up, a large group headed to the Abravanel synagogue where about 150 people had gathered for a memorial service for three Israeli teenagers found murdered in the West Bank.

Neighbours said the protesters had picked up chairs from a cafe nearby and tried to break through a police barrier outside the synagogue, where worshippers remained trapped for several hours.

Six police and two members of the Jewish community were injured, and six protesters were arrested.

An occupant of the synagogue said the attack felt, “like it was an intifada.” Meanwhile, reports indicate there was also an unspecified attack on another synagogue that day. These incidents followed the firebombing of the synagogue of Aulnay-sous-Bois, a Paris suburb, on Friday night. Fortunately there were no casualties.

As we have noted since 2012, anti-Semitisim has been growing steadily worse both in France and in Europe in general. Disaffected Muslim residents of France’s banlieues (slum-suburbs) continue to radicalize. Several hundred young Frenchmen have joined the ranks of jihadists in Syria, and some have decided to continue the terror at home. Between the hardcore jihadists, the rioters, and the anti-Semites, the trends are worrying. With war continuing to roil the Middle East, we do not expect this to change anytime soon.

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  • Pete

    It is strange that Europe is anti-Semitic while it tolerates its muslim population which is truly alien to Europe and Western values.

    • Breif2

      Not so strange; anti-Semitism is one of the oldest and hardiest European “values”. (Unfortunately, this generalization is not really tongue-in-cheek.)

      In an attempt to preempt the obvious comments: 1. These particular pogromists were chanting Allahu Akbar; in other words, most of them do not have particularly deep French roots. IYKWIMAITYD. 2. This wouldn’t be happening without a tolerant attitude by the “true” French. Some of this tolerance is due to an unwillingness to confront Muslims. Too much of it is due to good old anti-Semitism: the Jews had it coming.

      • Andrew Allison

        The cancer here is the longstanding disinterest of the French authorities in prosecuting antisemitism, which ranges from the infamous Dreyfus affair through Nazi collaboration to today’s tolerance of Muslim extremism.

  • CygnusA81

    Anti-Semtism never left Europe, it went on a holiday and now its back in full force.

  • gabrielsyme

    Eight injuries, a mob threatens to kill dozens of Jews, and the French only arrest six people?

    Apparently French police effectiveness against anti-semites is approximately equal to French military effectiveness against Germans. There is a common thread here…

  • Loader2000

    Anti-Semitism has always been a disease of the unsuccessful (i.e. losers). I think it has to be actively fought (by rank and file citizens, not government) in order to be suppressed. You can’t just assume it went away and everything is good. Like a cancer, it only goes into remission.

  • Breif2

    While I obviously deplore this unfortunate incident, I also condemn this post and others which criticize misguided but well-meaning protesters without providing any context. After all, which of us doesn’t remember those hundreds of mostly expat Christians in Bangkok who responded to 9/11 by attacking mosques while shouting “Death to Muslims!” and “Christ is Victor!”?

    • f1b0nacc1

      Said mobs were almost immediately condemned by Christians all over the world, who provided the important reminder that Islam is a religion of peace….
      When I see the same behavior by muslims all over the world, I will condemn the post

      • Breif2

        “Said mobs were almost immediately condemned by Christians all over the world”

        Which is highly impressive, considering that these riots were fantasized just three hours ago by a certain Breif2. 🙂

        • f1b0nacc1

          Precisely my point!

  • rheddles

    A more accurate headline would have been Muslim Mob Attacks Paris Synagogue.

    To publish such an Anti-French article on Bastille Day!

    • Andrew Allison

      Great catch! How ironic that institutionalized French antisemitism should be exposed once again on the occasion of the French Fête nationale. An even more accurate headline would have been, “French authorities again fail to confront antisemitism.” Where’s the outrage on the part of the once Belle France?

  • FriendlyGoat

    There is a difference between Europeans who were historically jealous of Jews before modern Israel’s creation and Muslims who are now mad at the Israeli nation for existing in the Middle East.

  • lukelea

    How about Muslim immigrant mob?

    • rheddles

      I’d bet more are second generation than first.

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