Africa's God Wars
Nigerian Terror Threat Spreads South
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  • FriendlyGoat

    Mohammad either is or is not the “Prophet’ with sayings of presumed wisdom worthy of superseding all else in human thought.

    Apostates from this school of thought either do or do not deserve death at the hands of the Islamic believers.

    Non-Muslims and (surviving) ex-Muslims in Islam-marinated places either can or cannot overcome the core nonsense.

    Westerners either do or do not give a hoot how this plays out in other lands.

    Westerners either can or cannot stop the creep of this philosophy anywhere, including at Westerners’ own borders.

  • Breif2

    From the article, presented without comment:

    For Christians, education has long been seen as the route to both temporal and spiritual salvation, a message first hammered home by missionaries a century ago. But for more conservative Muslims, secular Western teaching has often been viewed as a bulwark to spread Christian influence.

    It is a pattern repeated throughout the region, with literacy rates overall in the Muslim-dominated north just a fraction of what they are in the Christian-dominated south. And as the north has lagged ever further behind – it is poor even by Nigerian standards – it has sown ever greater discontent,

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