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Deadliest Disease
Ebola Outbreak "Out of Control" in W. Africa

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has become the deadliest on record, with 337 deaths out of more than 528 cases. The death rate stands at 60 percent. As Boston Globe reports:

‘‘The reality is clear that the epidemic is now in a second wave,’’ [Doctors Without Borders director of operations Bart] Janssens said. ‘‘And, for me, it is totally out of control.’’

The outbreak, which began in Guinea either late last year or early this year, had appeared to slow before picking up pace again in recent weeks, including spreading to the Liberian capital for the first time.

‘‘This is the highest outbreak on record and has the highest number of deaths, so this is unprecedented so far,’’ said Armand Sprecher, a public health specialist with Doctors Without Borders.

The incidence of the disease in widespread locations in three countries has alarmed medical professionals. Doctors say they’re certain that many cases have gone unreported, according to NBC. And while health professionals have warned people against eating fruit bats, which are thought to carry the disease, the animals pose an additional risk: It is mango season, and bats may take bites out of fruit that humans later eat. These bats may also be responsible for spreading another fatal disease:

Researchers tracking Middle East Respiratory Syndrome virus or MERS are also checking the theory that fruit-eating bats may spread that virus in their saliva.

Janssens, the Doctors Without Borders official, called on aid organizations and nearby governments to increase their efforts to combat the disease. The disease is highly contagious and growing deadlier all the time; all nations should be alert to the dangers that even a single traveler might bring.

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