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Ebola Outbreak in Guinea
Ebola Rattles the Bars of Its Cage

Panic is spreading over the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in Guinea. The BBC reports that an angry mob attacked a quarantine center on Saturday as anxiety about the outbreak reaches a fever pitch:

The violence took place in the southern town of Macenta, where at least 14 people have died since the outbreak emerged last month. The mob who descended upon the clinic accused Doctors Without Borders health workers of bringing Ebola to Guinea, where there had never previously been any cases.

Some young people threw rocks at the aid workers, though no one was seriously hurt, said Sam Taylor, a spokesman for Doctors Without Borders.

Anything that might point to an infected victim immediately leads to a reaction, as the quarantine of a recent Air France flight in Paris showed. Last week, the deadly virus spread to Guinea’s capital Conakry, home to roughly 2 million people. Since then, cases have cropped up in neighboring Liberia, while Senegal has closed down its shared border with the disease-panicked west African country, and Guinea’s northern neighbor Mali has deployed thermal imaging to detect possible infected at its capital’s airport.

The disease is as deadly as it is incurable, and is like being carried by fruit bats. If set today, Camus’s La Peste would open with bats flitting by in the twilight.

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  • Corlyss

    I especially relished the image of the ignernt Muslim gits slaughtering the doctors because of some rumor that the doctors brought the disease with them. Reminds me of the Pakis and Afghans who slaughter medical workers trying to vaccinate the population. This is like instant karma. I won’t miss the ignernt gits a bit when they die of the diseases the resist treatment for.

  • Jim__L

    “The disease is as deadly as it is incurable, and is like being carried by fruit bats.”

    That is one of the most original similes I have ever read. It would never have occurred to me to imagine being carried by fruit bats; a bit like a swallow carrying a coconut. Where would they grab hold? Truly, an unpleasant prospect.

    (Do you mean likely?)

    Still, thanks for the laugh at the end of a tense article.

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