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Silicon Valley's Political Ambitions
Zuckerberg PAC Comes Out Swinging

Last March Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg launched a political advocacy group focused on education and immigration reform. It was another sign of the tech giants’ newfound enthusiasm for politics and further demonstration that the tech industry needs strong nation states, and vice versa.

Zuckerberg’s group has now launched its first major campaign, coming out swinging against Republicans for stalling action on immigration reform:

A new, 60-second ad aimed squarely at Republican lawmakers seeks to compel them to push through a broad overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws. Adopting a sharper tone, the ad blames House Republicans for holding up the immigration legislation that has currently stalled in Congress […]

The spot is the work of the Council for American Job Growth, an affiliate of, the nonprofit advocacy group created by Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, and others to push for an overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws. The council is spending roughly $500,000 on airtime for the commercial, which begins running Monday nationally and is expected to appear in all 50 states for about two weeks.

This is the most partisan thing we’ve seen yet from They’ve released ads before (see this spot that re-writes the poem on the Statue of Liberty) but nothing that has directly targeted one party over a particular issue for reform.

This is the next stage for Silicon valley: from dipping its toes in political waters to going partisan to achieve particular aims. Expect to see tech political groups behave more and more like other political advocacy groups, as the industry tries to forge even closer links with the state.

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  • qet

    There must be a mistake. Only the Koch Bros. corrupt American democracy with filthy lucre. Because Citizens United.

  • rheddles

    Expect to see less and less innovation from SV as Caligarcs seek government action to constrain competition.

  • Silverfiddle

    Mark Zuckerberg’s toilet is dirty, and he doesn’t know what to do. Quick! Bring in easily-exploitable labor!

  • Boritz

    Maybe they think the Republicans are behind the occupy Google bus stop crowd.

  • Jim__L

    Silicon Valley is against Americans. I live here, I know.

  • Anthony

    Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) takes on Mark Zuckerberg. I agree with Sessions, even though I am a liberal democrat.

  • gabrielsyme

    Look! more rich, white, professional-class people recommending increasing the supply of low-skilled labour.

    Immigration truly is the class warfare issue of the 21st century, where the professional and business classes are attempting to leverage the political system to minimise the wages paid to blue-collar workers. What is most shocking is the failure of African-American leaders to stand up for the clear and unambiguous interests of their community. On both immigration and education, the Democratic party is taking positions extremely antithetical to the good of African-Americans.

  • Tom Servo

    Too bad they’ve tied themselves to a failing state.

    but really, is it any surprise that businesses want cheap and plentiful unskilled labor?

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