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DC's Revolving Door
Everything That is Wrong With Washington in One Story

Last year the White House’s former budget director Peter Orszag had a court seal his financial records. He took this step in advance of an upcoming child-support case about the two children he fathered with his ex-wife Cameron Kennedy. Even though documents used in civil cases are usually public, Orszag is doing everything he can to keep his financial records secret. Now the National Journal reports that almost 10 big media outlets including the New York Times are trying to get the records unsealed. Orszag claims he is so vested in keeping his records secret because he’s worried disclosures could hurt his reputation and his career, and the media smells foul:

Orszag might be a model example of the D.C. revolving door. After a stint as an economic adviser in the Clinton administration, he formed a consulting firm and worked for the Brookings Institution. After his two-year run in the Obama administration, he joined Citigroup, where he serves the bank as vice chairman of Corporate and Investment Banking, chairman of the Public Sector Group, and chairman of the Financial Strategy and Solutions Group […]

As the director of the Office of Management and Budget, Orszag was an early Obama administration wonder boy, becoming a sort of geek-chic sex symbol in Washington circles. But he was heavily criticized when he jumped to Citi—widely viewed as a culprit in the financial industry downturn. He also had a falling out with the White House shortly after his departure when he publicly opposed the president’s plan to raise taxes on the wealthy

The news agencies are rightly arguing that the public has a legitimate interest in finding how revolving door types like this make their money. Orszag is no doubt a very talented man, but let’s hope that in the future the American government finds a way to dispense with his services.

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  • Reticulator

    If they want to unseal his records, they should talk to Obama’s people in Illinois to find out how they did it to his opponents in state elections.

    • ljgude

      Nice to that little gem remembered!

  • Ghosts of Benghazi

    I hate to be captain obvious but every politician is an out an out crony of some bigger interest and we are ALL stupid, ignorant sheep in their narrow view…..

  • Bruce

    He will probably be better off giving the ex what she wants. The cronyism he engaged in surely made him phenomenally wealthy. A little hush money is a small price to pay to keep the cash rolling in. Granted, nobody likes seeing their ex “win,” but hush money can be useful. With the millions he has banked, he can find a 29 year old aerobics teacher to take her place.

    • Suzyqpie

      The aerobics teacher will have to wait for the next divorce. Peter Orzag, who, just weeks before getting engaged to ABC correspondent Bianna Golodryga, became a new father, via his ex-girlfriend, Claire Milonas. All of that plus an ex with two additional children. To recap, it’s complicated, Pete has 1 ex-wife with 2 kids, 1 ex-girlfriend with 1 kid, and a fiancee. The spelling between fiancee and financier is very close. This guy has a number of reasons to keep those records sealed.

  • Suzyqpie

    Isn’t this interesting. Perhaps some of the TARP funds or the American Recovery & Reinvestment funds were “accidentally” channeled to Peter Orzag’s personal accounts.

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