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Democratic Governors Deeply Worried About the ACA

It’s not just Democratic Senators up for reelection who are worried about being dragged down by the ACA. Even Democratic Governors are concerned about how the law is playing out in their states. Politico reports that Jay Nixon, Jack Markell, and Deval Patrick (Missouri, Delaware, and Massachusetts, respectively) have communicated their concerns about Obamacare to the White House.

And no wonder, with stories like this: a report by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that found that the ACA could raise health care premiums for many small businesses:

The report concluded that about 65% of small businesses, or plans covering 11 million people, would see an increase in insurance premiums under these so-called community-rating provisions of the health law. About 35% of employers would see a decrease for plans covering six million people. These employers aren’t required to pay a penalty under the federal health law if they don’t insure workers […]

Indeed, the impact on premiums for small employers under the health law for 2014 hasn’t been fully seen. Many employers renewed existing plans early, and about half of states allowed insurance policy extensions under pre-health law rules, according to the CMS report. The report also noted “there is a rather large degree of uncertainty associated with this estimate.”

With reports like this piling up all the time, it seems past time for Democrats to pivot away from a full-throated defense of the ACA towards an acknowledgment of its weaknesses and a plan for fixing it.

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  • rheddles

    In for a penny, in for a pound. This is part of how the blue model collapses.

  • Bruce

    The Dems can try to run from this, but it is pointless. Everybody knows who gave us ACA and these Dem governors were probably not protesting at the time. They should be “rewarded” accordingly.

  • Jim__L


    • Paul_in_NJ

      Never gonna happen. It’s like a cancer now: too fully integrated into the economy and countless business models. Unwinding it without further economic damage would take nearly a decade.

      • Jim__L

        Beats bankrupting the country and castrating the US military.

  • ljgude

    The success that every OECD country can point to is that they have been able to provide healthcare outcomes slightly better overall that the US for about half the 16% of GDP the US spent before the ACA. The ACA caps spending to 17.5% of GDP by 2017 so these increases are to be expected and the way it looks to me the ACA has only begun to unwind the US healthcare system. Neither repeal nor St Hillary on her white charger brandishing the holy lance of righteousness (sorry got carried away) to the rescue will find it easy to unwind this schlimazel.

    • StoutCortez

      OECD vs. USA = apples vs. oranges

      • ljgude

        Yes, there are some very different oranges like Estonia in the OECD average, but even the most expensive OECD medical system – Switzerland – is 11% of GDP. The next two most expensive, Canada and Germany spend slightly over half of what the US spends per patient. What the Dems have done is make an already too expensive market more expensive. Repeal the ACA or try to fix it – either way something will have to done because it is just not going to work as is.

  • Black_Saint

    Any pathological liar can get up and promise insurance for all, while saving each family an average 2500.00, and if you like your policy and your Doctor you can keep your policy and Doctor. Period!

    Meantime, Dear Leader will be cooling the earth and stopping the rise of the oceans as he plays golf!

    What we have elected is a lawless President who loves to raise money by giving teleprompter reading to his cult members, tell lies and promises but is otherwise too incompetent, lazy, inexperienced and dumb to even hold a job in non-government positions.

    Obama is all show and No go and supported by lies and a radical left wing press! He should be impeached for all of his lies on Obamacare which are only a few of many lies told to citizens by this fool…

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