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Post-Qadaffi Libya
Kidnappings in Tripoli: Obama's Libyan Headache

The latest fallout from the Libyan misadventure: Six Egyptian embassy employees were kidnapped (and later released) in Tripoli. The kidnappings are assumed to be a response to the Egyptian security force’s arrest of Libyan militia commander Shabaan Hadiya in Alexandria on Friday. However, in a quick turnaround, the commander was released yesterday, an apparent concession to the kidnapper’s demands. Hadiya, who was reportedly in Egypt for medical reasons, is the head of the Libyan Revolutionary Operations Room (LROR), one of the multitude of militias that formed following the 2011 NATO-led toppling of Qaddafi.  ABC News reports:

An Egyptian security official said authorities detained Hadiya because he was the guest of the country’s Muslim Brotherhood group, which has been declared a terrorist organization in the wake of the military coup that removed President Mohammed Morsi…

[The militia’s spokesman] denied his group was involved in the kidnapping of the Egyptians.

LROR’s denial of responsibility may or may not be the truth, but that doubt also speaks  to the nature of the chaos in Libya today. Libya has suffered from kidnappings and political infighting ever since the Obama Administration, in concert with several European powers, made the rash decision to depose The Great Loon and his regime more than two years ago.

The humanitarians on the White House staff who organized the 2011 intervention must be very proud of their work. We look forward to more Harvard seminars on the duty to protect.

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