Feckless Greens
The Gray Lady Gets Keystone Wrong
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  • bigfire

    It’s important for Warren Buffet to continue to make his millions transporting those crude on his unsafe rail lines. After All, it’s about enriching the properly vetted Billionaires rather than giving small people jobs.

  • Fat_Man

    The NYTimes is not like a stopped clock, that is right twice a day. Its like a clock that is slow by two hours. It is never right, and never will be.

  • TommyTwo

    “a blunder characteristic of the modern green cause—one born of a
    policymaking process more closely aligned with a vision of how the world
    ought to work, rather than how it does.”

    If the world does not work the way we believe it ought to, then by Gaea, Tear! It! Down!

  • S.C. Schwarz

    I am afraid you misunderstand the goals of the modern environmental movement. The policy objectives they espouse are not actually the point and may even be counterproductive. Imagine a future totally green president and totally green congress did everything the greens say they want: No nuclear, no hydro, no coal, no fracking, etc., etc. Green nirvana? Not really. Those policies, if actually enacted would be a national disaster. Blackouts, collapsing industrial production, collapsing employment as so forth. The greens would be totally discredited.

    What the greens want is an endless series of the sky is falling scenarios to campaign against, and fund raise against. With a compliant press, and a compliant democratic party, there’s nothing to stop them. Of course there are some in the movement that really believe the sky is falling, but those are useful idiots as Lenin said.

    So Keystone is working exactly as intended and they can’t lose on the issue. If Obama approves it, a great rallying point to run for future fundraising. If he disapproves it a great victory for future fundraising.

  • free_agent

    All activist movements are vulnerable to turning into PR agencies whose entire activity is directed toward inflaming supporters, who will then give more money. As someone noted about the anti-pornography movements of the late 1800s, they never persecuted outright pornography, but rather legitimate literature that was on the edges of what was acceptable.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    These Chicken Littles are just a bunch of bird brains. LOL

    • TommyTwo

      Congregated around windmills?

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