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Price Controls Spur Looting In Maduro's Venezuela


Venezuelans are flocking to electronics stores ahead of the Christmas season after Nicolás Maduro’s government accused several retailers of unjustifiably hiking prices and instituted a “fair price” policy.

With inflation running at 54 percent, people are understandably eager for a good deal. But the enthusiasm got out of hand in Valencia on Sunday, as shopping turned to looting and several were arrested.

But Maduro’s administration, unfazed, vowed to continue the fight to force businessmen to lower prices, calling it an “economic war.” Reuters reports:

“The Bolivarian government’s actions against speculators have been and will be firm,” [Vice-President Jorge Arreaza] said, using a name that his late father-in-law Chavez added to the government’s formal title in honor of independence hero Simon Bolivar.

“We are going to protect the people from bourgeois parasites….We ask for trust and calm.”

Venezuelans ought to grab those cheap plasma TVs while they can, because chances are the “bourgeois parasites” aren’t going to be stocking many more of them while the socialist stranglehold persists.

[Plasma TV photo courtesy of Shutterstock.]

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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    As long as we have Venezuela to serve as an example, the rest of central and south America should be more resistant to Socialist and Communist ideology.

    • Corlyss

      Right. But it don’t work that way. The forces of freedom and democracy are supine in the face of cultural relativism and populations that want “stuff” rather than a moral or ethical life. When the Pope refers to the traditional Catholic mass as “navel-gazing,” and cossets a gay clergy, you know we – the western civ traditionalists – are in real, serious trouble.

    • foobarista

      But Maduro is standing up to the Evil Yanquis, capitalism, and sundry boogeymen who are getting in the way of cheap flatscreen TVs, so all is forgiven. Tinpot dictators learned long ago that effectiveness is irrelevant as long as you have the right “enemies”.

  • qet

    Sheesh. Message to the Venezuelan VP: 1913 called; it wants its idiom back.

    • Corlyss

      That sounds intriguing. What idiom?

      • qet

        Not too. Marxism 101; Introduction to Marxism. Sorry to have gotten your hopes up!

  • Corlyss

    Everywhere the Socialist model is a whopping failure – Latin America, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Europe, Africa – and we’re rushing to implement the last stages of Socialism here. Monstrous.

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