Winter For Higher Ed
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  • Bruno_Behrend

    They can forestall their financial failure for another 10 years if they simply fire 80 percent of administration.

    Education in America has basically become a jobs program for in army of unnecessary paper-pushing employees.

  • Bart Hall

    So far this is primarily driven by demographics. The Echo Boom births of the Millennial Generation peaked in 1991. College enrollment therefore should be *expected* to peak in 2009 and 2010.

    • Andrew Allison

      Interesting, is it not, that the Academy failed to notice this obvious fact and expanded (and increased tuition) as if the good times would never end. Call it the higher-education bubble.

      • Bart Hall

        And talk about self-serving … typically one would expect intellects >1-sigma to do well in college and subsequent intellectual careers. >1-sigma is about 16% of the population (IQ>115). Currently about 33% graduate but half end up doing work not requiring a degree. This is predominantly the population at the upper end of <1-sigma.

        Far too many people are going to college who don't need to do. Our government are lending them lots of money we don't have, so they can get an "education" they don't need, for jobs which don't exist. What could go wrong.

        People have, for a long time, been mistaking a college degree as a source of success when in actuality it was (until recent years) an *indicator* thereof.

        Employers have figured that out. Academia … has not.

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