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Le Monde Interviews WRM

During his grand Fall Eurotour—including visits to France, Germany, Italy, and Romania—WRM gave an interview to the French Paper Le Monde. The text can be found here, for those who have some French. WRM and Le Monde discussed everything from Obama’s Syria response to the “pivot to Asia” to Iran. Here’s an excerpt, translated:

In ten years what will we remember about Obama’s foreign policy?

American power in the world is less about the brilliance of its foreign policy than about the developments in the country. I would not be surprised if we remember the current period as one in which the United States progressed to energy independence thanks to unconventional hydrocarbons. Diplomatic victories will be less important in our memory than this new power.

The United States is like a 7 feet tall basketball player who doesn’t need a lot of talent to succeed. The French are certainly better in foreign policy, but they are a bit like children who know all about basketball, its history, its practice, but only measure 4 feet tall.

Read the whole thing.

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  • Pete

    The French are know it all midgets. How true … but still, that must have gone over like a lead balloon in France, Mr. Mead.

  • Anthony

    Aren’t you supposed to be teaching classes?

  • John Stephens

    Not so much midgets, as incurably crippled by a lifetime of extravagance and addiction to vice. They do have much useful advice to offer, but most of it is on what not to do.

  • Anthony

    WRM, Le Monde offered both your analysis and opinion but datelines range from July to 1st week Sept.

  • Andrew Allison

    I’m surprised by the usually unfailingly courteous Prof. Mead’s infelicitous choice of words, particularly given the appalling ineptitude on display by our own, dysfunctional, government.

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