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Maduro to Decree His Way out of Venezuela's Economic Troubles


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has a plan to rescue Venezuela from “corruption” and “economic sabotage”: all he needs is the legislature to grant him the power to rule by decree. The BBC reports:

In a three-hour speech to the assembly, Mr Maduro called it a “matter of life or death” for the country’s socialist revolution.

“If corruption keeps expanding and perpetuating its destructive capitalist logic, there will be no socialism here,” he said.

Mr Maduro vowed to root out corruption in all aspects of Venezuelan life, stressing that even members of the governing Unified Socialist Party would not be exempt from scrutiny.

Problem solved. Next time there is a shortage of some vital commodity—like, say toilet paper—Maduro can issue a decree. Then he can issue another. And another. And so on. With enough decrees, the toilet paper shortage, at any rate, will be a thing of the past. We’re not sure it will work as well for cooking oil and rice, unfortunately, but dynamic socialists like Maduro and his comrades should be able to think of something.

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  • bigfire

    Sure, why not. Hugo was able to hoodwink 12 years way through his marathon talkathon. Maduro doesn’t have that magical touch, but he’s going to run with the same playbook. What else does he have?

  • Kavanna

    T.p. … t.p. … oh, never mind.

  • Gene

    When you make economic decisions into political ones, the free markets you destroy give way to the markets in political influence that you create. Corruption must follow from that, just as being wet follows from jumping into the sea. Why socialists don’t understand that is a mystery to me.

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