Green Gits Give Malthus a Helping Hand
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  • Corlyss

    “we have to presume it’s because of an emotional aversion to something so “unnatural.” ”

    It’s the magical thinking and religious fervor that pervades the greens, the AGW hysterics, the alternative fuels crowd, the Mother Earthers. They are going to make their predictions come true by policy if Nature won’t cooperate, as she is apparently not.

    PS there’s nothing anti-scientific about demanding the AGW hysterics prove their claims with science rather than politics.

  • JeffWeimer

    Every commercially farmed foodstuff, including meat, is genetically modified through trial and error via selective breeding. This is just the next step in something we have already done since the invention of the plow.

  • Andrew Allison

    “Anti-GMO crusaders have been called the climate deniers of the left, and for good reason: their stand is anti-science.” When will VM face the indisputable fact that is the AGW alarmists which have been shown to be anti-science?

    • f1b0nacc1

      Slightly OT: in another thread, we have been bandying about ideas regarding pro-life vs pro-choice….this issue (the anti-GMO crowd) seems to a perfect example of what I am talking about….religious fanatics imposing their views to the point where they are causing deaths of others.

  • Boritz

    Anti-GMO crusaders have been called the climate deniers of the left, and for good reason: their stand is anti-science.
    With global warming (It’s not climate change anymore?) we will need drought resistant crops more than ever. The unmodified strains are going to be extinct in the warm world of the future. It’s good that science has made possible crops that will continue to feed the survivors and too bad that the greens want to starve what little population will remain. Hopefully they will change their mind before it is too late.

    • Corlyss

      What’s going to cause the rise of water wars is the depletion of the aquifers by over use and frivolous use, not global warming. If there’s never another scintilla of increase in warming, there’s still going to be a lot more people demanding a lot more water just for the basic necessities of life, not to mention lawn watering, which is starting to take significant hits in the west here.

  • Pete

    “Given the lack of solid evidence to support this opposition, we have to presume it’s because of an emotional aversion to something so “unnatural.”

    Come on, Man!

    Don’t you kiddies get it yet?

    Don’t you read the books and literature of the Greens?

    If you did, you’d learn the Greens believe the world is way overpopulated as it now is. The last thing the Greenies want is anything that will 1) increase the earth’s population or 2) bring the poor up to middle class standards as both would lead to more consumption of resource. And feeding Africans fits that bill on both counts.

    Indeed, many, many Greenies even advocate measures to radically reduce the earth’s population, especially among the black, brown, and yellow people of the world. Maybe that’s why the Greens banned DDT in the Third
    World for so many years at the cost of millions of lives.

  • Kavanna

    Sorry, but “climate deniers” arent’ anti-science. They ARE the science in the debate.

    The climate hysterics are made of the same stuff as the GMO-bashers: an anti-human, anti-science, and anti-progress agenda with an outer layer of pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo.

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