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Japanese Flotilla Sails Around Disputed Islands, Threatens China


A group of Japanese nationalists who belong to a group called Ganbare Nippon (“Stand Firm, Japan”) has returned to port after sailing around the disputed Senkaku islands in the East China Sea. The five ships were surrounded by Japanese coast guard ships and urged to leave the area. NBC News reports:

Members of the…group did not attempt to land on the uninhabited islands…but had said they wanted to send a message to China.

“We want to show these islands are under Japanese control,” Satoru Mizushima, the right-wing film maker who leads Ganbare Nippon, told activists before departure late on Saturday from a port in Okinawa.

Ganbare Nippon members visited the Yasukuni shrine en masse last week and have publicly shown their support for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Mizushima is a well-known right-wing nationalist. He directed a documentary called “The Truth about Nanjing” in 2007, which alleged that the Nanjing massacre was a set-up organized by Chinese officials and portrayed the Japanese war criminals who orchestrated the slaughter as martyrs and scapegoats. The nationalist governor of Tokyo, Shintaro Ishihara, helped make the film.

[Members of a nationalist group march on the street at Korean Town in Tokyo during a demonstration denouncing South Korean people living in Japan on June 16, 2013. Photo courtesy of Getty Images]

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  • foobarista

    Japan has legitimate gripes with China, but its idiot nationalists do its cause no favors. One wonders whether they’re trained in the Ahmadinejad school of international public relations.

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