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Obamacare's "Best Case" Is Built on a Bogus Proof


President Obama is in California today, and he’s touting the state’s implementation of Obamacare as a key piece of evidence that the ACA will work nationwide. Wonkblog:

With the focus in recent months on the law’s shaky rollout and continuing political battles, the president wants to draw attention to a state that has embraced the law and yielded some good news: Officials in the Democrat-led state recently released figures that show insurers expect to charge lower-than-expected premiums for individual policies sold under the law.

Obama is embracing a line that liberal wonks have been talking up for the last few weeks: Obamacare will work because the premiums recently released by California are cheaper than the CBO projections from when the law was being debated. But, as several people have demonstrated already, this comparison is basically specious. What people want to know is how much more they will have to pay over and above their current rates, and right now those numbers don’t look good for many people. Not in California, not Maryland, and not, as we just found out today, in Ohio.

The fact that the President is embracing skewed numbers as evidence of the ACA’s success is pretty telling. If this is a slam-dunk for Obamacare, we would hate to see what an air ball looks like.

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  • bpuharic

    The failure of America’s elites to build a credible healthcare system is symptomatic of their attitudes towards the middle class. Many conservative American either ignorant of, or content to ignore the massive inequality destroying our country, seem proud of our failure to provide even the most basic protections to our middle class.

    Class warfare, let me be blunt, IS being waged in America. It’s being done by the elites against the middle class as they attempt to wring more and more wealth and income out of an economically dessicated middle class. Perhaps we should be more concerned about that, rather than complaining that Obamacare is built on ‘bogus numbers”.

    • Corlyss

      A fan of Charles Murray?

  • Corlyss

    The realization really shouldn’t be a surprise. Every time Obama opens his mouth, a lie pops out. He’s a serial prevaricator. But you and we have to understand, it’s okay because what he does is known in the biz as “Lying for Justice.” That makes it not only permissible but necessary and laudable.

    • bpuharic

      And yet he never lied us into a 2 trillion dollar war that killed 4400 US troops while helping to bankrupt the country

      Conservatives did that yet it’s overlooked because of their fascination with Obama.

      • stan brown


  • Davery

    ” If this is a slam-dunk for Obamacare, we would hate to see what an air ball looks like.” Well, we all know that our current president has never been very good at sports, so why should we expect anything different with Obamacare?

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