China to Europe: Move Over and Shut Up
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  • Anthony

    “Beijing is bent on forcing Europe to make some kind of public acknowledgement of its changed status.” From Pacific point of view (i.e. China’s), that is indeed a reality.

  • lukelea

    Europe is no longer the center of world politics or the world economy

    True, but that is no reason to bad mouth our most reliable set of allies who, collectively, have a bigger GDP and in many countries a higher standard of living than the average American. It is the West, not Europe, and not the US, that shares the values that make a new international civilization possible. We need to work together to establish and enforce certain norms of civilized behavior in China as a condition for doing business with us. There is no other way. We may be the center of world power but that doesn’t mean we have enough to do the job. Gloating is so ugly!

    • If europe were a “reliable ally” they woulnd’t demand that we spend our tax dollars defending them, particularly as they trash our social model. One or the other, but not both. If you’re going to trash our decisions, don’t expect us to pay your way for you. Either way, these are not hallmaks of a “reliable ally.” A dependent pensioner, perhaps, but an ally? Nope.

      • lukelea

        I agree Europe hasn’t paid its fair share for defense.

  • Pete

    Mead, you hobnob with the Euro-elite.

    Tell us, do they actually believe that Europe is a trend setter for the world.

    To me, it seems that China is telling Europe what the U.S. is too polite to say.

  • “Foreign businesses, in other words, remained deeply cautious about investing in Europe’s future.”

    It isn’t just foriegn businesses who are “deeply cautious” about europe’s future. Europeans themselves are not only “cautious” about their future – they, provably, do not believe in it. European nations have not had above-replacement fertility (or even replacement: 2.1) for three gnerations – since the war. If european CITIZENS don’t believe in the future enough to populate it, why would ANY company or investor believe in that future?

  • Nick Bidler

    Well, it’s finally happening: the E.U.’s posture as an Economic Superpower is going to be called as a bluff. Whether it succeeds or fails, nobody is walking away from this happy.

    If Chinese trade policy attempts to hit the whole of the E.U., I can see it driving Europe closer together or further apart. The latter seems the more likely consequence.

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