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Are The Long Knives Coming Out For Eric Holder?


The White House has done its best (and sometimes its worst) to crack down on leaks in order to control the Washington information flow. So it’s all the more interesting that West Wing insiders now seem to be whispering that Attorney General Holder is a liability who needs to go.

It’s a little bit like Kremlinology in the old days, when Western observers would try to figure who was in and who was out in the Soviet Union by where different members of the leadership stood on rare public appearances like the May Day parade. But looking at this NYT story, it seems that something serious is really going on behind closed doors. While there was a lot of talk in the first term about the White House as a “boys’ club,” the smart money has always pointed to Valerie Jarret and the First Lady as the President’s closest and most trusted advisors on a range of subjects. According to the Times, it’s Holder’s links to these two that cement his hold on the Justice Department.

If that’s the right reading (and when DC leakers get to work in a backstabbing frenzy, truth his hard to find), then what we could be seeing here is a campaign by the “professionals” and the boys’ club in the West Wing to reduce Valerie Jarrett’s hold on the president by undermining confidence in her judgment and her allies. With Holder wounded by scandal, the boys’ club sees him as a target of opportunity.

But there’s something else we can infer from the whispers in the background and the glimpses of daggers drawn. It’s also a sign that despite efforts by some of the White House’s media surrogates to minimize the impact of the scandals now swirling through the press, these stories have legs.

Some portion of the White House staff is on a Jonah hunt, trying to figure out who can be thrown overboard to save the ship. You don’t do that if you aren’t worried about the storm. When stories like this start appearing in Democrat-leaning organs like the NYT, it’s a good sign that the scandals are real, and that those in the know in DC are beginning to sweat. In the words that Abe Lincoln took from the Bible, a house divided against itself cannot stand, and that is especially true when the house in question is White.

[Image of Eric Holder courtesy Wikimedia]

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  • Anthony

    “So much depends on reputation – Guard it with your life.” The Attorney General finds himself enveloped in the intrigues of power. He may have carelessly forgot that reputation is the conerstone of power as well as making that reputation unassailable. Most importantly, he obviously overlooked the potential of personal attacks in Washington context (learning the fundamentals and vectoring resources).

  • ljgude

    These scandals are starting to burn the top group and I am beginning to be reminded of Watergate. Rogue employees? First heard it on the news?Pfui! And a scandal involving a department that has to be seen as impartial – more impartial than we expect the Supremes to be. That strikes me as the kind of partisan hackery that I haven’t seen since Tricky Dicky. Reagan and Clinton were small potatoes. A policy disagreement with Reagan over Nicaragua and a flirtation in the oval office. It would take a lot more to cause the Obama regime to fall, but they are getting into serious second term melodrama here.

    • Rob Thiebeau

      Fast&Furious and Benghazi were the same illegal guns / missiles and lots of CIA-agent deaths. with 18 1/2 hour coverup that distracts but normally gets them for the easiest charge.

      IRS and EPA and DOJ and FBI etc. abuses will overtake them all… due to the Press being involved. With all of the small business’ and people coming in with already admitted proof and apology superseding the perps and sentences.

      It will either knick a pin and take a few other pins with each one, or swivel back up in that maddening anti-gravity way pins-politicians can.

  • Pete

    Eric Holder — an affirmative action flop.

    • Corlyss

      How impolite of you to notice!!!

  • Corlyss

    Holder has never been anything but a black party hack. As such, supporting him is crucial to Obama’s identity politics. Obama will never throw him under the bus, but he will accept Holder’s resignation when it is offered in about 60-90 days. Unfortunately, Holder’s departure will not slow up even one iota the civil rights jihad being conducted by the DoJ.

    “It’s a little bit like Kremlinology in the old days,”

    Gee, what a shock!

    • Ergo

      at least the Reds had honor and integrity. Can’t say the same for the progressives.

      • Robin Hood

        And we definitely can’t say the same for the right-wing nutjobs.

        Can we?

  • jeburke

    Yes, I would not be surprised if the rest of this Times story was not filler to flesh out the one news nugget: that some inside the White House think Holder has become a liability.

  • Douglas Levene

    Throughout the years, most Attorney Generals have had one primary responsibility – to protect the President from political and legal attacks. The result has been that many, if not most, Attorney Generals have been undistinguished mediocrities. See, e.g., Robert Kennedy (President Kennedy), Ramsey Clark (President Johnson), John Mitchell (President Nixon), Janet Reno (President Clinton), Alberto Gonzales (President Bush), Eric Holder (President Obama). Really great attorney generals – those who put justice ahead of politics – have been rare. E.g., Edward Levi (President Ford), Michael Mukasey (President Bush).

    • preepree

      It would behoove Mr Holder to consider resigning before he ends up like AG Mitchell. Any chance he had of being appointed by Obama to the Supreme Court is null and void.

  • enviro_nazi

    Holder’s racism is shimmering, iridescent. His contempt for the Constitution is congenital. Let this fish rot right where he is. If squeezed hard enough he might give up a lot of people.

    • Robin Hood

      You obviously had this same rant reserved for right-wing hero Bush, jr, who called our Constitution nothing but a g-damned piece of paper, of course.

      • enviro_nazi

        The only obvious thing is when leftoids reflexively provide an ad hominem with “Bush did it too” attached. No facts, no truth, no logic, no argument.

  • charlesrwilliams

    If Holder goes what kind of AG replaces him? Well, he only has to last three years and the Obama regime gets a reset. Obama will appoint a Holder clone.

    • f1b0nacc1

      Perhaps so, but whoever he would appoint would have to make it through the Senate, and that won’t be as easy as it would have been before these scandals.
      Look, this is Obama, so whoever he appoints will be awful, but there should be some hope that these events will lead to a LESS awful appointment once Holder is shown the door.

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