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Americans Showing Good Sense on Benghazi, IRS Scandals


The American people are not dupes. Regarding the scandals, they’re showing a level of sense and good judgment that frequently escapes the denizens of the “Acela cocoon.”

A Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that more than half of Americans believe the Obama administration is covering up over Benghazi, and that a narrow plurality also thinks the congressional GOP is in on the whole fiasco for political gain. That seems about right to us. White House Press Secretary said this week that the GOP’s Benghazi “obsession” was “demonstrably political” and belittles “the tragedy that happened in Benghazi.” But Americans have evidently figured out for themselves the nuances that aren’t always fed to them from on high.

The poll also shows that more than half of Americans think the IRS harassment of President Obama’s political opponents was not some strange coincidence, but that Americans are split on whether or not the administration is engaged in a cover up. Here too, the public seems to have a sound grasp of the probabilities.

The American people are not nearly as stupid as Beltway insiders often like to think. The future of public opinion on these stories will likely hinge on the facts that emerge from the investigations rather than the finger pointing that the political class and media are now obsessing over.

[Image of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton honoring the victims of the Benghazi attack Andrews Air Force Base on September 14, 2012 courtesy of Wikimedia Commons]

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