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Should Retirees Avoid Blue States?


Consumer financial services company Bankrate Inc. has done a new analysis on the worst states for retirees. Using data on “state taxes, local crime rates, access to medical care and cost of living,” among others, the company compiled a list of ten places to avoid. The ten worst states to retire in, in descending order, are Delaware, Minnesota, Maryland and Vermont (tie), Maine, Wisconsin, California, Washington, Alaska, and Oregon.

Notice a pattern? With the exception of Alaska, every state on this list is blue. Alaska was put on the list because it is the coldest state in the country, and climate did factor into some other states’ place on this list. But California’s near-perfect climate wasn’t enough to keep it off the list, and the Golden State’s issues are representative of some of the reasons the other states made it:

The Golden State has one of the highest costs of living in the nation. It also requires residents to pay more in state and local taxes than any other state except Connecticut, New Jersey and New York. The Tax Foundation estimates that California residents pay 11.2 percent of their income toward income, sales, property and other taxes.

First, high taxes and regulations drove businesses out of blue cities; now retirees are the ones who are being advised to consider settling elsewhere. And notice that avoiding these cities isn’t just a way for greedy retirees to escape taxes. Many of the cities on this list have both higher-than-average taxes and government spending on the one hand, and high crime rates on the other. All have lower quality of life.

The concentration of these problems in blue states suggests, as if more suggestion were needed, that blue policies are utterly failing the states that have adopted them. If this report is any indication, people are beginning to take notice and are voting with their feet.

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  • Alexander Scipio


    BUT… if the GOP can’t articulate that Dems, basically, are stuck by their programs and voters in the Industrial Age and CANNOT come out, things will not – CAN not change..

    BUT… If the GOP can’t articulate a forward-looking INFORMATION AGE vision for the tax code, immigration, the economy, education… there is NO difference between the parties other than whining…

    BUT… As long as the MSM pursues its meme of Malthus and Ludd, and this meme is NOT resisted intelligently, loudly and often by the GOP.. then the GOP really aren’t interested in anything but remaining the tax collectors for the Welfare state, are they?

    Perhaps it is time to focus on replacing the GOP as they continue not to grasp that the future is at stake while they play softball with a hardball opposition…

  • Anthony

    Quality of life, quality of life…. Take note.

  • USNK2

    Those of us who planned to retire are trapped in a still dismal housing crisis. But, nice to know where to go if we ever free ourselves from housing prison.

  • Luke Lea

    I’d like to know more about why Vermont made the list.

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