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Via Meadia Blew It

From time to time something goes wrong in every enterprise, and we had just such a breakdown this week. A post on the surprisingly large gap between the results that were widely predicted in the Israeli election and the actual results crossed an important line and did an injustice to someone we very much admire.

There is no point in recounting the twists and turns of the editorial process that led to a poorly expressed and unfair post appearing on the site. As the editor of the site and the Mead in Via Meadia, the responsibility for what happened is mine and mine alone. I want to apologize to David Remnick for a mean spirited jab that was unfair to him, to our readers and fell short of the standards of fairness, courtesy and accuracy we try to uphold on the site. This was not a borderline case; it was wrong and in failing to establish a process that would prevent this kind of error, I have made a grievous mistake.  It’s particularly galling that this mistake was at the expense of a man whose brilliant editorial leadership at the New Yorker has set the standard for American journalism for many years.

I want to apologize, not make excuses, but readers should know that Via Meadia is going through some changes. We are in the process of transforming the site from a small blog into something a little bigger and more comprehensive, partly as the American Interest increases its presence online. As that happens we are taking on more staff and reorganizing our editorial process. During this process, there may well be more glitches as we adjust in real time while continuing to post, but we are going to do everything we can to make sure that any future glitches don’t involve gratuitously unfair jabs at anybody, and especially at serious people doing excellent work.

Thanks again to all our readers who, despite the occasional snafu and error of judgment, stick with us. And apologies once again to everybody, and especially to David Remnick, for putting an inappropriate post on the site.

Walter Mead

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