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Anti-Anti-Semitism Rally in Berlin

Germans are donning yarmulkes and taking to the streets to protest a vicious anti-Semitic attack on a rabbi earlier this week. YNet News has the story:

Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit who denounced the attack just a short time after it occurred called on residents to join in a demonstration of solidarity at the site of the attack. He called on all Berliners to wear yarmulkes as a gesture of support for the rabbi. . .

Sarah Nurit, a 35 year old kindergarten teacher and mother of three, initiated a solidarity event through Facebook. Some 100 people – Jews and non-Jews – took part in the ‘kippah flashmob.’ They marched on Saturday accompanied by a few police officers and reporters.

In spite of loony tunes attempts to do things like outlaw Jewish ritual circumcision and prosecute rabbis for performing this ancient and required rite, Germans as a whole are revulsed by Jew hatred and are taught from their earliest days what horrors it can lead to.

Berlin is in many ways one of the most open and welcoming cities in the world. While it has its tensions and its hate groups (as just about all cities do), there are few places that work so hard to cultivate a civic culture of respect and tolerance on racial and religious grounds.

It’s one of Via Meadia’s favorite places to visit, and we are glad to see more evidence of the kind of Berlin spirit that makes the German capital a truly world class city.

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