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Chinese Official Flees with $30 Million

Just months after Premier Wen Jiabao cited corruption as the biggest threat to Communist Party rule, the BBC reports that a former top city official in northeast China fled the country at the start of the year, taking millions of dollars with him.

Wang Guoqiang, who was party secretary of Fengcheng city in Liaoning province, left for the United States in April with his wife, the People’s Daily said.

Local officials said Mr Wang, who was being investigated for corruption, had been removed from his post, it said.

Several reports cited 200m yuan ($31.5m; £20m) as the amount taken.

Corruption, even of this magnitude, is not new in China. A report from China’s central bank, released last year, revealed that more than $120 billion had been pilfered by corrupt officials between the mid-1990s and 2008, a figure that likely understates the magnitude of the problem.

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  • BobJustBob

    You didn’t think that they were real Communists and Socialists did you?

    It’s just a show for the rubes…

  • Luke Lea

    So do they enrich America or not when they come here? If they knew they couldn’t flee with their wealth (mostly ill-gotten) would they be a force for reform at home? It is all about the insecurity of property I think.

  • Corlyss

    Well! There’s the last True Believers in Communism for ya! What happened to the good ol’ days when the transgressors against the Peoples’ Revolution were stood up against a wall and shot? Have they gotten soft?

  • MichaelM

    Say what you will about the wealthy and powerful in America, but at least they’re not this bad.

    This amount of money would have paid the wages of a thousand Chinese factory workers for a year.

    That’s disgusting. If this man makes it to the US he should be immediately put on a plane back to a PRC with an envelope with a single bullet in it and a note saying, “We think you know what to do”.

  • Jim.

    So what’s the strategy here? Convince the masses that yamen corruption proves the regime has lost the Mandate of Heaven? Or do we have to wait until the flood control starts failing?

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