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Mission: Impossible

The AP reports that Algeria’s Lakhdar Brahimi will be replacing Kofi Annan as the UN’s peace envoy to Syria. Brahimi, who helped negotiate the end of Lebanon’s civil war, had been hesitant but finally accepted the post. He was said to be awaiting some kind of signal of support from the Security Council, which has been badly split over Syria. What kind of support he expected, and whether it was finally given, is unclear. The mood hanging over the announcement is somber:

Gerard Araud, the French U.N. ambassador and current Security Council president, has called the special envoy post something of an “impossible mission” and said he could understand why someone would take their time before deciding to take it.

Via Meadia unfortunately agrees with Ambassador Araud’s assessment, even as we wish Mr. Brahimi the best of luck at tackling this difficult job.

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  • Ed

    Did you expect any other result from this clown show called the UN? Please, anyone, tell me what actual benefit does this organization provide besides funneling precious resources to the pockets of self-important third-world yuppies.

    It was a great idea that failed miserably in the execution. Its about time we end this charade.

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