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Muslim Brotherhood Clamps Down on Dissent

While Egypt’s new president Mohamed Morsi may be willing to strike at Islamist radicals in the Sinai Peninsula, his Muslim Brotherhood comrades aren’t exactly behaving as moderates. New reports suggest that the Muslim Brotherhood may be initiating a campaign of media censorship of unfavorable reports on the government’s abuse of civil liberties. Ahram Online has the story:

Egyptian writer and novelist Youseef El-Qaeed told Ahram Online that state-owned newspaper Al-Akhbar refused to publish Sunday his latest article in which he criticises the Muslim Brotherhood. The paper’s new editor-in-chief Mohamed Hassan El-Banna, who was recently appointed by the Brotherhood dominated Shura Council (upper house of Egypt’s parliament), denied the ban saying that the newspaper had not receive[d] any articles from the writer. El-Qaeed said that his article entitled “Neither adherence nor obedience” denounced the Brotherhood members and supporters who beat presenters and injured journalist Khaled Salah during a Wednesday demonstration at Egyptian Media Production City against those who allegedly spread false rumours about President Mohamed Morsi and the Islamist group.

This was only one incident, but a piece in today’s New York Times suggests that the censorship extends to TV stations as well:

Last week, the authorities suspended a satellite television channel that featured a program whose host is Tawfik Okasha, a strident opponent of President Mohamed Morsi, a former leader in the Muslim Brotherhood. On Saturday, the authorities confiscated copies of the daily newspaper Al Dustour, which has published regular condemnations of the Islamist group.

Nor is the Brotherhood’s intervention limited to state-owned media outlets. Privately owned newspapers in which contributors allegedly incite “sectarian strife” have been barred from circulation as well.

Despite the relatively free elections, the liberal order predicted by the twitterati and championed by the western press has not come to pass—the most recent actions by the elected government are anything but liberal. Instead, as the liberals have largely been pushed to the sidelines, it is the struggle between the Muslim Brotherhood and the military that seems most likely to shape Egypt after the Arab Spring.

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  • alex scipio

    Censorship of whatever is politically incorrect in their own worlds is what the Left and Islamists – and all despotic regimes – have in common.

    Freedom, truth and honesty in reporting are the silver stake to their Dracula.

  • John

    Genuine question: are we at all sure that it was Morsi rather than the military itself that clamped down on the murderous militants?

    Are we sure that Morsi didn’t, e.g., dismiss the military leadership as punishment for an autonomous military clampdown on the militants?

  • Fred

    Yet again, I’m having a heart attack from not surprise. You would think that Westerners would learn that the distinction between civilized and savage is real and legitimate, but liberal multiculti dogma is just too strong. It’s the same principle that allows Fundamentalist Christians to deny evolution in the face of all the evidence.

  • Kris

    I am shocked, shocked!

  • Valin

    Sounds to these old ears like everything is going back to Arab world normal….

    “Meet The New Boss…Same As The Old Boss”
    Pete Townsend

  • Skep41

    One of the most common features of Islamic government and Sharia Law is administrative incompetence. With tourism reduced to near-zero by the actions of the Egyptian mob and the economic collapse of Europe and the impending bankruptcy of most of Egypt’s aid donors one has to ask how a country that cannot possibly feed itself is going to even maintain order. ‘Democracy’ is not going to be the issue for the average Egyptian; survival will be. The Middle East is turning into a very large version of Somalia.

  • Sam L.

    Is anyone surprised? Certainly ought not be. There are those who will be, but either they don’t pay attention, or are dumb.

  • Rick Caird

    This was all to be expected. John Bolton warned this would be one man, one vote, one time. The vote is over, there will not be another one.

  • Jay Teigh

    The ONLY people surprised by this revelation are liberals—both in the West and in Egypt proper.

  • Mick The Reactionary

    @Jay Teigh:

    “The ONLY people surprised by this revelation are liberals—both in the West and in Egypt proper.”

    You would be correct if you include RINOs and neocons under liberals umbrella. And you would be correct, these 2 groups share 90% of their believes with left-liberals. That’s why many call them right-liberals.

    Globalists and Democratizers at Neocon Central, Commentary Magazine, were and are wildly cheering on the Arab Spring. What do they say about Tunisia, Lybia, Egypt, etc where Arab Spring Revolutions have succeeded?

    Why, they are totally silent. Those countries have fallen into neocon memory hole.

  • JC

    Western press has a long history of seeing what they hope will one day be true. Anderson Cooper was practically giddy with excitement as he reported on the Arab Spring. Not a single commentator did a serious piece about potential negative consequences as Arab states fell like dominoes.

    Now the chickens have come home to roost, as they say, and the tenor of Hillary’s and Obama’s foreign policies are coming to light. Reagan’s memorably asked the American public whether we were better off. Maybe the question for this election cycle is whether we feel safer.

  • rulierose

    there are also reports today that the MB has started crucifying Morsi’s opponents–literally.

    liberals should be able to see how wrong they were about the “Arab Spring,”but they won’t. and they have the same blinders on as they say things like “there’s still plenty of time for diplomacy to work with Iran.” that’s a bigger pipe dream than a democratic Egypt!

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