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Bulgarian Bombing Update: No (Official) Update

Almost two weeks since the terrorist bombing of a busload of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria, officials in Sofia remain reluctant to assign responsibility for the attack, despite firm insistence by U.S. authorities that a Hezbollah cell carried out the deadly strike.

Bulgaria’s reticence undoubtedly reflects the fecklessness of the European Union, which is determined to avoid designating Hezbollah a terrorist organization because of its warm and fuzzy social workers. Notes the New York Times:

“For small Bulgaria to come out and openly name Hezbollah in such a way is as good as entering a minefield,” said Vladimir Shopov, a political scientist at the New Bulgarian University in Sofia. “There would have to be absolute certainty almost. You’d have to be really, really confident that your convincing evidence could stand up before all the other members of the E.U.”

Still, it appears that, privately at least, the Bulgarians are well aware of the identity of the attackers:

A member of the Bulgarian security establishment, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the investigation is continuing, said that there was a “clear direction that points to Hezbollah” in the pattern and evidence of the attack, but that it would probably be some time before any official determination was made.

As we discussed at the time of the attack, the U.S. has absolutely no reason to point the finger at Hezbollah without overwhelming proof; the last thing Washington wants is for Israel to take matters into its own hands with regards to Iran. And make no mistake: an attack like this by Hezbollah would not have occurred without Tehran’s explicit approval.

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  • Walter Sobchak

    I will cut the Bulgarians some slack. During the holocaust when countries like France worked overtime to send their Jewish citizens to the death camps, Bulgaria wouldn’t send any.

  • dearieme

    “firm insistence by U.S. authorities that a Hezbollah cell carried out the deadly strike”: and who could doubt the word of the WMD-in-Iraq people?

  • BornLib
  • Minister Tashkovich

    Dear Mr. Sobchak:

    I am very sorry, but you are mistaken. Bulgarian troops in neighboring Macedonia and northern Greece rounded up at least 13,000 Jews and sent them to their deaths in Treblinka. In exchange, the Bulgarians got to say that they didn’t send any of their own Jews. This issue recently came up again here:

    Minister Tashkovich

  • Mick The Reactionary

    Bulgaria looked how Obam stub in the back Poland and Czech Republic over Defense Shield and drew some lessons.

    You go on a limb with the anti-Israel EU because of this matter and Obam will drop you like a hot potato as soon as Valery Jarret raises her eyebrow.

    Bulgarians should pay no attention to the toothless Obama regime and, instead, closely cooperate with Mossad.

    Bulgarians spent couple hundred years in the Muslim Paradise of Ottoman Empire, they don’t need lectures from B Hussein about Islamists.

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