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The Best Washington Read of the Year

Can some of the world’s most prominent people, entrusted with great decisions of state and supported by teams of well educated professional aides be bamboozled for years by an eccentric poseur?

Believe it: Felix Krull takes Washington by storm, befriends elites, and poses as a key figure in Iraqi-American diplomacy. Then he murders his wife and claims Antonin Scalia arranged his conversion to Catholicism.

The strange but true story of Albrecht Muth, and the best window on the empty, glittering core of Washington’s celebrity culture in years: in the Sunday Times magazine, by Franklin Foer.

Read the whole thing and consider with what little wisdom the world is governed.

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  • Gabo

    Harrowing account. Exposes much of the vapid posturing of the North Eastern seaboard elite – so telling , so true.

  • Ann

    Nothing new here. Social elites are highly susceptible to sociopathic con men, Hollywood’s whole business is based on it. It seems that the DC dinner party disease melts the minds of even our “best and brightest”. The difference between Hollywood and DC is that I can choose not to deal with Hollywood, but I’m forced to deal with the consequences of these dimwits and their stupid actions.

  • Anthony

    Talent and Responsibility is a sub topic in John W. Gardener’s book on Excellence. The long and short: our society once expected that power and responsibility went hand in hand; that those who achieved influence in our society would conduct themselves with a sense of commitment and national obligation – Gardner’s little wisdom is no longer operative on many levels.

  • vanderleun

    I think we can say that every day the news from 1600 confirms the observation, “Social elites are highly susceptible to sociopathic con men.”

  • Elmer Fudd

    I couldn’t agree more about Hollywood political elitists. Look what it gave us: Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger. lol.

  • Ranger Rick

    Somewhere, Keith Laumer (and by extension, Jame Retief) are smiling.

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