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Does Julian Assange Know He’s Working for Uncle Sam?

Julian Assange might not like it, but his Wikileaks organization continues to serve the interests of the American imperial machine.

Months ago, when Wikileaks released hundreds of thousands of State Department diplomatic cables, his attempt to embarrass the American government didn’t go off exactly as he hoped. Where was the corporate skullduggery Noam Chomsky says guides American policy? Where were the Machiavellian schemes by an oil hungry superpower out to rape the world? Indeed, conspiracy theorists suggested at the time that Assange was really working for the U.S. government as elaborate façade, that his email dump was an American plot.

Today, Wikileaks announced it is in the process of releasing millions of Syrian government emails. Assange reportedly described the emails as “embarrassing to Syria, but it is also embarrassing to Syria’s external opponents.”

Whether he’s right or not, with the U.S. pushing hard against Syria, this may turn out to be another information dump that advances core U.S. policy objectives. Throwing in some embarrassing material that makes a few diplomats look bad, and perhaps a few politicians look hypocritical is much less important than pushing the Assad government closer to the edge. Does Mr. Assange know he’s working for Uncle Sam?

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  • Luke Lea

    Personally I feel the Wikileaks has been good thing except in the cases (if there were any) in which unredacted names endangered peoples lives. It has opened a window on what is really going on in a lot of third-world countries. Information is good. Secrets are bad in most cases.

  • Brendan Doran

    And when Lord Sauron Assad, bane of our existence from his throne of blood, who’s name mothers in America utter to scare their children into submission is gone..what then?

    On to the next Democraceepalooza?

    Luke/Lea/[flippantly derogatory words deleted]: it’s bad because no one in the world no matter now desperate will want to talk to American Intelligence or our diplomats. Secrets are a good thing if secrecy is keeping YOU alive.

  • Michael Goodfellow

    It doesn’t look like Uncle Sam is grateful. If they do manage to extradite him, I expect some solitary confinement in his future.

  • thibaud

    With Brendan Doran. If no secrecy, no diplomacy.

    Assange and his merry band are making everyone less safe.

  • 698uy08y9u8

    I totally agree. They should give him a medal to honor his service to the country before they shoot him for espionage.

  • Fredrick Toben, Adelaide, Australia

    When I watched Assange’s interview with Imran Khan, RT – and they both discussed the Osama bin Laden assassination, I then knew both are following the US line that Osama was actually taken out by the US and that he did not die in December 2001 of kidney failure.
    Likewise, Assange does not question the 9/11 tragedy’s insider-job status, which means Assange is a dis-informationist much in line with Veterans Today’s Gordon Duff – they want to see Israel in control of Middle East affairs.
    Hence, Assange remains mainstream on two significant events – 9/11 and bin Laden’s 2001 death – and that’s fatal for a person’s moral and intellectual integrity.

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