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Robert Zoellick Takes On Two New Jobs

At a time when so many establishment paragons have failed, it’s reassuring that we still have people like Bob Zoellick serving this country. From U.S. Trade Representative to Deputy Secretary of State to head of the World Bank, Zoellick’s talent and determination have proved invaluable, and we at Via Meadia are pleased to see that his reputation continues to grow.

Ever the overachiever, he’s just accepted two new positions, one at the Peterson Institute and the other at Harvard’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.

No matter who wins the presidency in November, Zoellick has got to be on the short list for top posts in the next administration. His skills in marrying economics and diplomacy make him perfect for the State Department. Also, he knows markets, without having been compromised by too much time on Wall Street, making him a top candidate for the Treasury. In either spot, Zoellick would be hard to beat.

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  • Jim.

    He seems to be doing OK for himself employment-wise. Do we really need more Goldman Sachs thinking in Washington?

    If the Federal Gov’t — no matter what administration — imposes a moratorium on hiring former Goldman Sachs employees, that would help provide our capital with some desperately needed new ways of looking at things, and would help the rest of the country have more of a say in how we’re governed.

  • Mark

    I have a lot of respect for Zoellick, but his work as a trade representative was damaging. The terms by which China acceded to the WTO were disastrous, certainly first for the free traders of the world and second for China itself, though the latter is only beginning to manifest itself now.
    I can’t claim to have knowledge of how those negotiations unfolded, but I can say that looking at the terms now, it boggles the mind that they ever could have been thought a good idea.

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