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Korea Enters Game of Thrones

South Korea has long maintained singular military focus on its capricious neighbor to the North. Recently, however, its attention has begun shifting toward China, thanks to a territorial dispute over a submerged rock in the ocean between them. China recently renewed its claim to the Leodo rock, near South Korea’s Jeju island, prompting alarmed officials to consider an increased naval presence to counter China’s assertiveness. The Korea Herald reports that the government has now embraced a controversial new plan to build a naval base on Jeju island, which currently functions mainly as a resort area and tourist destination.

As China becomes more assertive in the China Sea, many of its neighbors, from India to Japan, have been taking steps to ramp up their naval power; now South Korea has added itself to this growing list. Many have predicted that an increasingly powerful China would come to dominate the Pacific. The Chinese are going to find that more difficult than they may have hoped.

The Game of Thrones continues.

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  • Alt

    You’re just using the terminology Game of Thrones as SEO-bait aren’t you? (j/k and a fan of your coverage here)

    • Walter Russell Mead

      @Alt: actually, we haven’t thought much — possibly not enough — about search engine optimization. Maybe we should.

  • Jbird

    My question: can the US get the contracts to build advanced naval vessels for Japan, S. Korea, India, & others or do most countries produce boats “in house”?

  • Kris

    China Lays Claim to Tortoise Carcass Off Laguna Beach

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    China is a Capitalist economy overseen by Communists, schizophrenia is the clear diagnosis.

  • Tom Richards

    If the constant Game of Thrones references reflect an interest on Professor Mead’s part in the novel sequence whose first part bears that name, I would be intrigued to hear the views of an expert in both literature and international relations on the possible reading of Daenerys Targaryen’s campaigns in Slaver’s Bay as a realist critique of liberal interventionism. Is Syria Yunkai? Would military intervention be justified if presented with evidence of a Ghiscari dragon-breeding programme?

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