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Happy Birthday

The Venerable Mead was born in Florence, South Carolina on this day in 1930.  Herbert Hoover was in the White House, economic recovery was “just around the corner”, and some of his father’s medical patients still payed their bills by leaving sacks of pecans and other local products on the back porch. After a long career in the Episcopal Church he is still active in local and national church affairs, consulting with bishops and parishes and speaking at events in this country and abroad. He has also blogged here on Via Meadia; readers can find his posts here and here.

He lives with the Grand Matriarch in the 61st year of their married life, a constant presence in the lives of their four children, seven grandchildren and first great-grandchild and is among this blog’s most attentive and constant readers.  He’s welcome here as a guest blogger any time.


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  • WigWag

    Happy birthday and many, many more!

  • Walter Sobchak

    Sto Lat

  • Cheves

    Happy birthday, sir! You must be a fine gentleman to produce such an impressive lad as young Walter. Godspeed on many more!

  • Martin Berman-Gorvine

    As we Jews like to say, may you live to one hundred and twenty.

  • Lyle Smith

    Happy Birthday! My father was born in 1934 and in the Deep South too.

  • Anthony

    Happy Birthday L. B. Mead and God Bless – 1930 was indeed a propitious year.

  • ms

    Please have the venerable birthday you clearly deserve. I can tell it is deserved because you are so lovingly venerated by your son, who is also highly venerable. I hope you will guest blog more often because I’d like to hear your thoughts and your stories.

  • Steve Jenks

    Eighty-two years of life shows determination and persistence. Sixty-one years of marriage reveals a level of grace to be celebrated and emulated. Hats off to you.

  • Gregory

    How serendipitous that I find this website today, as I reached chapter 7 of “Special Providence” on the Metro this morning on the way to work! I’m learning so much from it, and see the work of Wilsonians crumbling in Egypt as we speak! Could this be the return of the Jeffersonians for Middle East policy? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIR!

  • Igor

    Happy Birthday to your father, Walter.

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