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Fracking Responsibly

Good news out of Texas for those who–like Via Meadia–hope to see fracking develop into a safe and effective component in our national energy toolbox: transparency is on the way. Reports the Times:

Starting Feb. 1, drilling operators in Texas will have to report many of the chemicals used in the process known as hydraulic fracturing. Environmentalists and landowners are looking forward to learning what acids, hydroxides and other materials have gone into a given well.

But a less-publicized part of the new regulation is what some experts are most interested in: the mandatory disclosure of the amount of water needed to “frack” each well. Experts call this an invaluable tool as they evaluate how fracking affects water supplies in the drought-prone state.

Science is always a work in progress, with engineering following behind. The only way to refine a technique like fracking is to put it into practice and dive into the data. With laws like Texas’s, we can now begin this important process in earnest.

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  • Mrs. Davis

    I understand they are even using the killer chemical DHMO. This chemical, used in fracking, kills thousands annually and causes billions in property damage. Its use should be regulated so that it is used only under the supervision of certified technicians.

  • Bruno Behrend

    Why not use seawater?

    Can that work?

  • Luke Lea

    There’s a lot more water east of the Mississippi.

  • gavin

    “Olympic”swimming pool,oh my gosh that is one MILLION!!GALLONS!!!ok i make that number out of my fevered imagination.flow of Mississippi/second.
    BUT WE HAVE TO “SAVE” water from what?

  • John Linstrom

    why not add a tracer to the frack fluid, so we can assign groundwater contamination to a co.’s fracking – or is that too expensive, too intrusive /sarcasm ? Medical companies do it all the time to track down and limit failures – and to learn from them.

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