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Settled Lizards

One piece of good news about global warming (apart from the reduced chance for a new Ice Age anytime soon): as the planet warms, lizards get smarter.

“Climate change might not be so bad for these guys,” said Joshua Amiel, one of the researchers on a study that compared the predatory and survival instincts of lizards that hatched in cold and warm conditions.

We wonder what other animals on this great planet will benefit from a warmer climate.

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  • Eric J.

    I’ve said for years that Russia has no real incentive to prevent global warming. Neither does Canada, but they will if they can, because they’re Canada.

  • Cheves

    Oh, great. As if Greenland turning into water by next Thursday isn’t scary enough, now we have to worry about the Great Lizard Takeover of 2030? I say, exterminate them all. The science is settled.

  • Luke Lea

    Evolution is driven by a changing environment, which is going to go on changing whether we like it or not.

  • Kris

    See? Now the truth is starting to come out: The Global Warmening Apostles have been trying to save us from the return of the dinosaurs! And to think that you evil denialists have been smearing them… Let’s see how smug you are when serving as a T-Rex appetizer!

    Eric@1: “I’ve said for years that Russia has no real incentive to prevent global warming.”
    Have you seen Putin? I’ll say no more.

    Cheves@2: “I say, exterminate them all.”
    Exterminate them all, Sobek will recognize his own.

  • Government Drone

    I, for one, welcome our new Great Lizard overlords!

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