600 Million Vanishes From Greek Bank?
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  • Jim.

    Could we please get some statements from the Patriarchs of the Greek Orthodox Church on these matters? Doesn’t have to be political at all — just someone standing up and saying, “This embezzlement and dishonesty in finance is WRONG, it is a crime against man and sin against God, and enough is enough!”

    It seems like the chuches of the world could and should throw their entire weight behind this, and push our culture in the right direction.

  • Bledy

    You poor [vulgarity removed], the greek church is just another corrupt institution that relies on the government and the rich individuals.

  • Luke Lea

    Isn’t $600 million chicken feed by the standards of this crisis? The more consequential mis-allocation of capital was done by Western banks, whose exposure lies at the root of the crisis. They want to be bailed out just as much as the Greeks.

  • elisa

    I would like to see more crony thieves and con artists punished as part of real lasting change in America, too. too bad that paying off democrats means you can prey on our society with impunity.

  • Isn’t “Lavrentis Lavrentiadis” John Corzine translated into Greek?

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