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Great Game: India Moves East

India, Japan and the US held their first ever strategic trilateral talks about Asia this week, as we noted earlier on Via Meadia.  Something else is trilateral as well:  Myanmar policy.

As the Burmese generals have edged away from China’s suffocating embrace, the US sent Secretary Clinton with words of encouragement, and Japan reopened the foreign aid spigot.  Now India makes it a threesome.

Here’s the story over at Asia News:

As a token for stronger economic and trading relations between India and Myanmar, New Delhi will finance the construction of a big port in the Burmese city of Sittwe, capital of the State of Rakhine, in the west of the country. The new facility will be built by 2013, on the Andaman Sea, at a cost of US$ 136 million. Essar Projects (India) Ltd, India’s leading engineering, procurement and construction company, will be in charge of the project and work with local companies. This will provide Burma with a new port and two jetties close to its western border with Bangladesh.

Meanwhile the Burmese are cutting India in on a natural gas field where China once held the only foreign rights.  India responded by opening a half billion dollar line of credit for its new friends.

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  • Silverfiddle

    I can’t believe our state department is making news for something other than bureaucratic bumbling. From what I’ve read here and from other sources, China is hated and feared by her neighbors.

    Dr. Mead: Although I agree with Hillary Clinton on very little, I do regard her as a smart woman. Do you think she is personally responsible for these diplomatic victories?

    • Walter Russell Mead

      @Silverfiddle: It would be hard for all this to be happening without the support of the Secretary of State.

  • J R Yankovic

    Alleluia. God is good.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    This is exactly how we opened up China, get them focused on cheating us with currency manipulations, and building an export model economy. Soon a middle class will develop with aspirations of wealth, health, and happiness, and the end of the authoritarian government will be only a matter of time.

  • Kris

    Jacksonian@3: Make money, not war.

    Though the Second Reich also had a rising middle class…

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