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"Howling" Winds? "Pounding" Rain? Not In Jackson Heights

Hurricane Irene made its second landfall near Little Egg Inlet, N.J. around 5:35 a.m. That means New Yorkers woke up to howling winds and pounding rain,

reported the NPR news blog this morning.

Perhaps some New Yorkers woke up to that; in Queens the winds would be better described as breezy gusting to brisk.  The rain is far short of pounding. We have not yet had to close the windows at the Mead manor; we are enjoying the fresh breeze and the rain is not even blowing through the screens.

CNN reports that thunderstorms are expected in the New York area soon; perhaps if enough New Yorkers wake up late enough today the NPR story will make sense. The 8:05 AM radar update from the Weather Service, however, makes it look as if the storm has almost passed us by.  Much of Long Island is already in the clear.

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  • Kenny

    Mr. Mead — whether it’s hurricans or blizzards or anything inbetween, why to you suppose the media consistently over hypes them?

    Are they trying to condition the people to be 1) frighten and 2) complient to the directions (dictates) of Big Brother???

    Or is it that Big Brother actually does know best is is actually looking out for us?

  • WigWag

    In Astoria, it’s not bad at all. Light to moderate winds; tree branches swaying but few limbs down. The rain is moderate at best with no street flooding. The supermarkets, bodegas and diners are all open and, from what I can see from my window, doing a decent business. The electricity never went out. One disadvantage of not losing power is that it is possible to watch the television news which, true to form, is dramatically exaggerating how severe the storm has been in New York City (although, to be fair, it’s been worse in New Jersey and Long Island).

    My guess is that by the late afternoon, it will be a very pleasant day.

    Glad to hear the Jackson Heights is doing as well as Astoria is.

    But alas, the wonderful Jackson Heights Greenmarket is cancelled for today which is quite a loss in the middle of tomato and corn season.

  • Soul

    Looks like a close call was missed! Glad Irene turned out to be a dud, pretty much.

  • Kenny
  • Eurydive

    Well, we have real excitement here in Boston. A tree fell across Beacon Street, narrowly missing the Greek Consulate and, even more important, Cheers. Now 5 different news channels are following the progress of the branches as workers feed them through a wood chipper.

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