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Hamas Feels The Pinch

Last week we noted that Hamas was betraying the Palestinian cause in a servile surrender to its Syrian and Iranian paymasters.   By remaining silent as Syria shelled a Palestinian refugee camp in Latakia and cracking down on anti-Assad demonstrators in the Gaza Strip the allegedly pro-Palestinian movement was clearly placing the interests of foreign patrons above those of the Palestinian people.

Apparently Hamas failed to abase itself deeply enough for the cold and relentless mullahs of Tehran. From Reuters:

[Several] diplomats cited Iran’s displeasure over Hamas’ refusal to hold rallies in support of Tehran’s ally, Assad, in Palestinian refugee camps in Syria after an uprising against his rule. Hamas’ leadership outside the Gaza Strip is headquartered in Damascus.

In a sign of a cash crunch, the Hamas government in Gaza has failed to pay the July salaries of its 40,000 employees in the civil service and security forces. Hamas leaders promised full payments in August, but not all employees received their wages as scheduled on Sunday.

Silence isn’t enough when the dictator kills.  You must dance and sing with joy.

If the mullahs in Iran were trying to alienate Arab opinion and feed paranoia about the Persian menace they could hardly do a better job. The Iranians have been trying for years to build themselves up as the leaders of Islamic resistance to the Satanic Jews and their ruthless American enablers; now in their panic over their Syrian ally they have thrown all that away.

Meanwhile, Hamas ends up with its reputation trashed and its pockets empty.  Great moves, guys.  Your final victory over those pesky Zionist infidels is only a matter of time.

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  • Winston

    Maybe they can now ask Obama for financial aid?

  • joe

    Latakia is not only the site of the Russian Med navy base, it is also the de facto capital of the Alawites. They are a majority in the city and its environs. Christians make up about 15%. This could be the beginning of ethnic cleansing prior to an internal federalized resturcturing.

  • ProudZionist777

    How about we raid Israel or shoot rockest at her in order to prove our bona fides and divert attention from our political and moral failures.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    Our evil plan to change Islamic Culture by putting elements of American Culture into Iraq, and generating movements like the Arab Spring, is working. Wa hah hah (Doctor Evil Laugh)
    Do you think they know that our real strategy was never military, but cultural?

  • J R Yankovic

    How on earth did I MISS this one? Doggone it. Not to mention the earlier referenced post “Fire at Will.” Great reads both.

    And not to sound like I’m trying to enter a cynicism contest (lame excuse = hard not to be cynical when dealing with the epitome of the most shameless Arab political cynicism this side of Hell). But any news exposing Hamas for the hypocritical filth it is is good news, and ought to be trumpeted to the farthest heavens.

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