The New Normal
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  • This was the comment I placed on the article.


    My take on the situation is the that elites on both sides of the political spectrum, and in the business community have failed. They have gamed things in their favor, and the citizenry (again, on both sides of the spectrum) is reacting to these failures.

    We know that capitalism works, and we know that it produces enough wealth to create workable “safety nets.” What no system can do, is pay for both a corrupt and greedy set of elites (Big Union, Big Biz, Big Gov) AND a safety net.

    It’s time to toss failed institutions like political parties, ruling elites, worthless education and banking bureaucracies, and the “controlled chaos” of the bureaucratic regulatory state.

    These institutions DESERVE to have lost the trust of the people. What is needed now is NOT a new trust in newer, better institutions, but a renewed trust in our ability to govern ourselves.

    If you can’t govern yourself, you WILL be governed by someone, and probably very poorly.

  • Jim.

    No bishops, no kings.

    No church, no state.

  • Glen

    Well, maybe some of those government institutions in the West have become oppressive and totalitarian, too. At the end of the day, what’s the difference between an allegedly benevolent autocrat and a Progressive?

  • Ken

    “… frustrated by the inaction of those institutions — people are increasingly taking matters into their own hands. ”

    “This is the new background for our lives.
    Get used to it.”

    So, if the underclass starts rioting in cities, and the middle class starts to use the opportunity for, shall we call it ‘target practice,’ we should just get use to it?

    Ah, I bet that’s different.

  • Stacy in NJ

    The skepticism of institutions is healthy and necessary. Some of the folks on the left are finding it unsettling and disturbing. But, then those institutions primarily uphold their interests and worldviews – not so much for libertarians and conservatives.

  • Mrs. Davis

    what’s the difference between an allegedly benevolent autocrat and a Progressive?


  • Luke Lea

    [editorial suggestion box: time for another look at China?]

  • Mark

    This is interesting, because even in the relatively short recent period (last few years) of unrest, it shows the superiority of a now much-derided system, democracy. We have heard plenty about the benefits of a command-economy like China’s, but when there is no flexibility to adapt, it cracks -and it is, and will more. Americans vote every few years and their government reflects their will. Whether you like it or hate it, the emergence of the Tea Party is a healthy sign of a population changing government. It’s a pressure valve that China (and most heavily socialist countries) don’t have.

  • Mick The Reactionary

    @Felix Salmon sez:

    “Most fundamentally, what I’m seeing as I look around the world is a massive decrease of trust in the institutions of government.”

    Mr Salmon writes propaganda… I mean analysis pieces for a Ruling Class Conventional Wisdom organ, Reuters.

    While formally Reuters is not part of UK government or any other government, who has any doubt that Reuters is more powerful and more in line with Ruling Class that most UK ministries.

    Why Mr Salmon thinks that there is much trust left in public for Reuters creations is not clear.

    As far as Mr Salmon himself, he seems to be rather ordinary purveyor of CW and Open Border true believer to boot.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    “The glue holding society together is dissolving, whether it’s made of fear or whether it’s made of enlightened self-interest.”
    The Glue that holds us together is our Culture, not government institutions. It is UK Culture which will change the government institutions so that the problem of the riots is dealt with. It is the changing Islamic Cultures which are responsible for the revolts throughout the Islamic world.
    The problem isn’t with the Culture, but with the failure of Government institutions to reflect that culture, that causes violence to ensue.

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