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Army Corruption Hits India

This isn’t going to help quiet the angry mobs in New Delhi: senior Indian army officials have been accused of misappropriating prime real estate built for soldiers wounded in the line of duty for themselves and their families.

The Indian Comptroller and Auditor General office’s willingness to publish such a report and the ability of protestors to demonstrate relatively peacefully are positive indicators of the health of Indian democracy and civil society. But democracy and civil society aren’t enough to guarantee India’s continued ascension to global superpower-status.

Corruption is endemic in Indian society. That corruption is increasingly making the already unwieldy state almost ungovernable — demonstrators unhappy with the most recent rash of scandals have now moved off the streets and into parliamentary sessions, preventing lawmakers from moving ahead with their legislative work.

The leaders of the world’s rising superpowers’ would do well to listen to the wise words of the Dalai Lama. Corruption is a cancer of the state.

And I am left wondering: what, exactly, is the moral difference between stealing military funds and treason?

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  • dvksingh

    It has been so disturbing all my service career life .I am happy that I am out of it & am so relaxed .It is as bad as in the civil ,anyone who has oppertunity is indulging in it ,sorry state of affairs but that is the sad reality .

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