Black and Blue at the Post Office
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  • Whit

    Will the closure of these branches really hit blacks harder? Its my understanding that the majority of these under-performing offices are rural in nature which would imply that urban postal jobs for the most part will be secure. Certainly in my area, Postal Offices slated for closure are in rural areas, only employing one postmaster. Can anyone shed light on the overall demographics of the closure list?

  • LT

    The postal service should be a case study in failure of the blue model. How can an enterprise that has a monopoly on letter delivery (forget packages, etc. they lost that a long time ago), and is tax exempt, and can raise prices on customers at will, go bankrupt? I don’t get it.

    Is it because, like public transportation operations, they lose money because they don’t have a competitive labor market and the service provided to citizens becomes secondary to job sinecures, pension benefits, etc. to employees? In other words is the “job creation” the primary purpose of the enterprise and the actual service provided a lesser consideration?

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