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Corruption Riots in India

Protestors were beaten back by water cannons, batons and bullets when they took to the Indian streets in recent days, angry over corruption scandals that continue to undermine India’s businesses and government. Voice of America reports that thousands of protestors marched in New Delhi yesterday while three protestors were killed in the western state of Maharashtra and panicked police opened fire on demonstrators in Pune.

The rioters have a lot of potential allies.  A poll by CNN and The Hindu says it all (pdf): 2/3 of all Indians view the government as very or somewhat corrupt.

Riots, protests and demonstrations all over the world:  People everywhere want more control over their daily lives and resent the privileges of the elites.  (And in many places, well they should.)  As I’ve argued before,  small “D” democratization is one of the ten major forces reshaping our world.  There is much, much more to come.

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  • Jim.

    Without scrupulous honesty in a culture — probably backed up by a belief in an eternal Hell that is the punishment for corruption in this life — there is little hope that a non-corrupt regime can gain traction and momentum.

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