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Congressional Black Caucus Downgrades Obama

With unemployment among American Blacks double the rate for whites, the Congressional Black Caucus is distancing itself from the first Black president. Michigan Representative John Conyers recently said of the president: “We want him to know that from this day forward . . . we’ve had it…We want him to come out on our side and advocate, not to watch and wait.”

Politically, the President is now in his worst fix yet.  The Black Caucus isn’t going to endorse a Republican or even support a potential primary challenger, but if turnout drops as some disillusioned Black voters stay home, states like North Carolina, Virginia, Florida and Ohio begin to slip out of reach.

A political Houdini like ex-President Clinton or Ronald Reagan might figure out how to please the Black base while reaching out to the center; so far, that kind of razzle-dazzle has not been one of this president’s skills.

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  • Anthony

    WRM, “…Lies, and the burden of evil they bring, are passed on; shifted from back to back, and from rank to rank; and so land ultimately on the dumbest lowest rank, who with spade and mattok, with sore heart and empty wallet, daily come in contact with reality….” Reflects Congressional Black Caucus general constituency since 1967; Obama elected nationally 2008. More than a Houdini needed and certainly no razzle-dazzle.

  • vanderleun

    At the rate he’s going even the Black Caucus will stay home.

  • Kenny

    The nub of the beef the Black Caucus has with Obama is that Obama hasn’t thrown more welfare and make-work jobs their way.

    The Black Caucus has yet to realized that the paradigm has changed and the welfare state is ending as is the era of racial grevience where they could get what they wanted by pouting.

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