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The Revolution in Higher Ed Coming Closer

This fall you can take a course in artificial intelligence from Stanford and you won’t have to sell your kidney to pay the tuition, reports Alex Tabarrok at Marginal Revolution.

Stanford’s ‘Introduction to Artificial Intelligence’ course will be offered free to anyone online this fall. The course will be taught by SebastianThrun (Stanford) and PeterNorvig (Google, Director of Research), who expect to deal with the historically large course size using tools like Google Moderator.

There will two 75 min lectures per week, weekly graded homework assignments and quizzes, and the course is expected to require roughly 10 hours per week. Over 10,000 students have already signed up.

They won’t all be as cheap as this one, but the courses of the future may look more like this than anything colleges now offer.  The world’s top economists, historians, literary scholars, chemists and so on will develop a set of lectures and they (and their assistants and associates) will develop reading lists.  Others will be trained to help teach the course: to lead seminars and discussion sections and so forth.

Tabarrok’s post has some interesting thoughts about what this means, especially accentuating the income differences between the academic superstars and their less famous colleagues.  Worth a read.  McHarvard, here we come?

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  • Kenny

    And check out the many, many courses MIT offer on line.

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